Thursday, 10 July 2008

All is going ahead!

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Good news! I have the Visa and this morning received word from the British Council in Kabul that we are going ahead with the trip, so i will be flying to Dubai tomorrow evening. I am so relieved and excited about the trip again, i will keep you posted. The guys at the Afghan Embassy were so polite, kind and warm. I have been to many Embassies to get Visas, and this was the easiest and friendliest, apart from maybe the North Korean Embassy. But the North Korean Embassy dont have that many visitors, and you always have their undivided attention, a cup of tea, and a nice friendly chat! Thanks for reading, will write more from the desert.


Greg said...

Just one step at a time. There is typically only enough light for us to take the next step. With only a few exceptions, we never receive long term plans- at least not the details. Instead, we are asked to trust for a long term future we have yet to experience. Keep stepping forward. Trust. Love. Give.

Heli said...

Jason, we - the whole Bathija family - are excited that you can travel to the country that is so dear to us, Sham's home country. We wish you all the best and we know already that you will fall in love with the Afghans! We pray for your safety and hope that many of our friends there will meet you and hear you and learn from you.
I have one request for the blog, but it might be difficult to change now: it is extremely difficult to read such a small font and on black background. When the electricity is weak - as it is in Afghanistan and in Yemen where I am just on my way - it is almost impossible to read...

peter said...

Hi Jason,
So far so good - you are on your way doing what you love to do and do so well. We are thinking of you. Thanks for the blog.
We are all packed and ready for our little (very small) adventure and we look forward to meeting Ville tomorrow.
May you continue to know God's Grace and Peace
our love to you
Peter and Carol

Joe said...

Good to hear you got the visa and its awesome that you have a blog now!