Friday, 18 July 2008

Friday evening...

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There are only certain places where we are allowed to go, recommended by the British Embassy, so today i went to the UN club to meet Lisa Gans, one of the survivors of the Serena Hotel Bomb last January. We had lunch together and i listened to her many survival stories from Kabul and Baghdad.

But then i met my good friend Mirwaiss Sidiqi, who is in charge of the Aga Khan Cultural Centre in Kabul. We had a great time and he will arrange for me to meet some of the older and more established Afghan Musicians. So on Sunday i will spend the day with a 10 piece traditional Orchestra, including an 87 year old Dilruba player. Suddenly, my purpose for being here is renewed! Great! And tomorrow i am back at the University teaching. Music Education is limited, and still, music is not taught in regular schools. The dedicated music schools here have limited facilities, and yet, the Afghan spirit is so strong, they are survivors.

As i came back to the British Council Compound, i saw a Jumbo Jet flying overhead with a Military escort, probably Barack Obama, he was supposed to arrive this week.

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k5d2007 said...

Hi Jase
Beautiful and amazing place and safe and bring back some stories and memories to the photography

Ken and Leah