Sunday, 6 July 2008

Afghanistan Preparations

The Visa process has begun, all flights are booked. This trip has come together very quickly, within a week or so. The plan is to go to UK to get the Visa, then fly to Dubai to catch the UN Flight to Kabul. This trip is a co-operation with the British Council, so collaborations, workshops, recordings and concerts. Including the older more established artists, but also children from local music schools.

At the moment i am at Kuopio Wine Festival, playing daily with a bunch of Finns, supporting Finnish artists such as Hanoi Rocks, Anna Eriksson, Yö, Don Johnson Bigband, Poets of The Fall, Lauri Tähkä and Kari Tapio. The weather is gorgeous and Kuopio is a lovely city. But i have a lot to do before i leave for the UK with only one day at home beforehand..... leaving for London on the 7th, Dubai on the 11th, Kabul on the 15th.

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