Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Arrived in Kabul

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Well i finally arrived, after a very hairy landing with the UN plane from Dubai. I think it must be the first time i have ever landed with such a rapid descent, nose first, and skidded sideways before grinding to a halt. When i arrived at the British Council compound, i met some staff who had arrived on an air India flight and they had had a similar experience, so maybe its the 'style' of landing here :)

Well i have a beautiful room in the British Council compound. The land is heavily secured with machine gun toting security guards, and we are absolutely not allowed out, only in the armoured car. This will be frustrating, North Korea all over again :) But i will of course be meeting the Afghan Musicians, going to Schools and the University, but these are the only places i will be allowed to mix with local people. So i see this trip as the beginning of something, laying ground work for future collaborations i hope. Anyway, i will try and get my laundry done as i am running out of clothes, and play a bit of Harp Guitar to pass the time. More later. Thanks for reading. Jason

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Pete Waine said...

Hi good to see you made it, enjoy the music and the people who ever they may be