Saturday, 26 July 2008

The night before the concert..

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Its saturday evening, and i am here at 'home', preparing for the concert tomorrow night with the Afghan musicians, very exciting. I have to do a bit of practice, memorizing the Afghan tunes, change my strings on the Harp Guitar, and to sleep early. Tomorrow there will be 60 extra (armed) police within 1km of the British Council Compound, for added security. A bizarre concept, all those weapons, so close to something creative. We will have the concert filmed professionally so i hope to have a copy of that up here as soon as possible, but it will probably take a few days....

My students at the University and Vocational Music School are doing so well, i wish i could stay longer and do more with them. I must find a way of coming back to do just that. Also i had a lovely Afghan suit made for the concert to follow :)

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Satu-Marianne said...

hey Jason, have a blessed gig tomorrow (today...)! I'm TRYING to come up with some understandable & clever questions! (I'm afraid of blank papers though, you'll never know about them...) See you!