Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Kabul University

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I love it here. I spent the morning in Kabul University Fine Arts Department, discussing the collaborations and workshops. I will probably be there every day, with the students and teachers. They are so kind, warm, friendly and grateful for my visit. I will do some guitar workshops, and also work with the traditional folk musicians, collaborating with them. I will invite some of them to perform with me, alongside the professional musicians.

Here is a collection of still and moving images from today. Bear in mind that all video and photos are taken from a moving car, we are not allowed to stop and take photos for security reasons.


Neil Ruckman said...

This is amazing and strangely moving, particularly when I have memories of so many students I have taught who were refugees from Afghanistan. Don't forget to collect some good stories!

Heli Bathija said...

Dear Jason,
Thanks for changing the font and the background color. It is definitely much easier to read. I am so happy to see the familiar scenes in your video. Did you have some great Afghan food yet? When is the first concert and where?

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Ruokolahti, Finland! Finnish summer is beautiful, but rainy. Great to visit in Kabul by your blog, fascinating contrasts. We think you are in the right place!
Love from Syrjäkari family heidi, erkki, anne.